Simeon, Sabdat Evicted From GUS

•Simeon Okorougo (left) and Sabdat Ahmed evicted from Gulder Ultimate Dearch.

•Simeon Okorougo (left) and Sabdat Ahmed evicted from Gulder Ultimate Dearch.

As the Gulder Ultimate Search competition inches closer to its climax, two other  contestants -Simeon Okorougo and Sabdat Ahmed were evicted from the show on Monday and  last night, Tuesday respectively, leaving eight contestants behind to continue the  search.

•Simeon Okorougo (left) and Sabdat Ahmed evicted from Gulder Ultimate Dearch.

Simeon, who got the boot on Monday after he came last in the task of the day, had his  journey in the jungle terminated right at the task zone. He came last as well as failed  to complete the task given them. They were to arrange some set of balls to form the  letter ‘dagger’.

On her part, Sabdat, fondly called ‘Mummy Jungle’ by her fellow contestants, did not  expect what awaited her at the Place of the Talking Drum last night after she came last  in the task she and other contestants were given. She was evicted last night from the  show after she came last in the day’s challenge. She was the last to meander through some  onbstacles set for them after several attempts.

Bob-Manuel Udokwu, the show’s anchor, had asked her about her failure in the day’s  challenge when the contestants met him at the Place of the Talking Drum and she pleaded  for a second chance from the Council of Elders.

Her hope was, however, dashed when Bob told her that the Elders had thought over her  performance and concluded that she was no longer worthy to remain in the jungle and that  her clock had stopped.

Sabdat’s eviction dampened the spirits of other contestants when they got back to the  camp, as her fellow contestants counted much on her maturity and the way she handled  things, being the oldest in camp.

The race to become the Ultimate Hero continues till 22 October, 2010 when the winner will  emerged.

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The first casualty of the eviction trap was the least of all expectations. It was  Dandison Strongface, the 22-year old Rivers State-born macho that exuded courage,  strength and the needed can-do ability right from the selection stages.

Strongface is strong, tall, almost 7ft in height and was perceived to be very  calculative. Unfortunately, his mental ability made a mockery of his physical ability  during their first major individual challenge. The 12 contestants were given same task  which started as group effort but ended as individual puzzle. He failed to find solution  to his own puzzle and for that he got booted out.

The next contestant that was caught in the web of eviction was 21-year old Delta  State-born Tonia Oduah. She did not only disappoint her fans, she also disappointed her  family because her older brother Melvin Oduah came second in last year’s edition of the  programme.

Another surprise eviction after Tonia’s was  24 year old handsome Simeon Okorougo, a  Lagos-based model who hails from Imo State. He is tall and elegant but all that couldn’t  help him solve a critical riddle that others solved easily. The brain work was too much  for him and for that reason; his clock stopped ticking.

As the competition gets thicker by the day, and with the eviction of four of the  presumably toughest contenders, the eight remaining members of the Order of Heroes  started getting frenetic. Drama, intrigues, squabbles and tension became their lot.

Sadness enveloped the camp last night following the eviction of the next victim. She is  the oldest member of the camp, Sabdat Bamitale Ahmed. The 27 year old Kogi state born  basketball player was the most loved member of the camp. She was nicknamed Mama Jungle  because of the motherly role she took up in the camp, caring for the welfare of all her  camp-mates. Her eviction was so painful to the other contestants that after her exit,  they decided to immortalise her with a bamboo seat specially constructed and named after  her.

—Funsho Balogun

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