PDP Faults Fashola Over Doctors’ Strike


The People’s Democratic Party (PDP), has frowned at the action of the Lagos State  governor, Mr. Babatunde Fashola, over the ongoing doctors’ strike in the state, saying it  was unfortunate that the crisis has raged on unabated and without any hope of  reconciliation in sight.

A PDP governorship aspirant in Lagos State, Barrister Owolabi Salis, who spoke on behalf  of the party, castigated the governor for his nonchalance, which he said has allowed the  strike to continue indefinitely while people are dying daily.

“A lot of people are dying everyday in the hospitals and majority of these are the common  men who, unlike the wealthy ones, lack the means to patronise the highbrow specialist  hospitals for quality health care,” he said. “That the crisis is taking this long while  the masses are dying daily in their thousands indeed speaks volumes of the leadership  ability of a man who has been engaged in a desperate struggle to return as the governor  of Lagos State for a second term.”

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The Wall Street attorney and leader of Southwest PDP in USA, also lamented that it was  unfortunate that the prevailing doctors’ strike was happening at a time when lecturers of  the Lagos State University are on strike over the inability of the Fashola-led  administration to defray their legitimate entitlements.

He noted that the governor’s intransigence was further compounded by the deaf ear he  turned at the students who, realising that the crisis put their future at stake, staged a  peaceful demonstration at the state secretariat in order to have an audience with the  governor, but all their efforts were to no avail.

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