Volkswagen, Don't Kill The Porsche


As the news continues to trickle in from Germany about Volkswagen’s “grand plan” to  absorb Porsche into the VW Empire, it’s shaping up to be a giant bowl of Not Good.

To be blunt, their plans – both simple and scary at the same time – revolve around the  idea of using multiple platforms to make Porsche too simple in the interest of gaining  more volume and ultimately, more profit.

Now as for generating profitability, I never have a problem with that. It’s the  dumbing-down part that I have a huge problem with. What does this platform sharing really  mean for Porsche, on the 60th Anniversary of the brand?

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I remember issuing a warning (to auto writers though) about the VW takeover of Porsche,  saying that the official explanation – that the takeover would allow Porsche to survive  and thrive well into the future. That is why I would say it’s natural to get a bit  unsettled at the thought that the Cayenne – which already shares underpinnings with the  Audi Q7 and the VW Touareg – may be just the tip of the iceberg, and that VW may be ready  to attack multiple segments with warmed-over VWs wearing the Porsche crest.

VW has already demonstrated – and repeatedly so, I might add, as their new drive for  profitability – and volume – threatens to unleash swarms of mediocre VWs on our landscape  in the pursuit of knocking off the Camry and Accord (as if that was some noble quest  worth aspiring to), so why should we expect them to all of a sudden demonstrate  intelligibility and vision with the stewardship of the Porsche brand?

And now here we are again – and I just have a sickening feeling of yet another looming  VW-Porsche train wreck. That’s the truth and nothing but the truth.

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