Zain Boosts SMEs With Mybusiness


Zain Nigeria has launched Mybusiness, a new package that is specially designed to  enhance the efficiency and productivity of Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) across the  country.

The new value adding offering which was introduced into the market yesterday in Lagos by  the leading mobile operator is expected to help business owners irrespective of their  location within Nigeria, take full control of the cost of phone calls by their company  while also giving them the opportunity to enjoy a wide range of value added services.

Some of the other benefits include free staff to staff calls (workers in the same  enterprise), lower rates for calls to top five international destinations and exclusive  Internet offers, among other advantages.

The Chief Operating Officer of Zain Nigeria, Deepak Srivastava, explained that Mybusiness  is a revolutionary package that is intended to positively impact and transform small and  medium scale enterprises in the country, adding that that company has put in the hands of  the owners of SMEs the tool to manage their communication cost, increase the volume of  business transactions and meet the communication needs of their employees.

“Mybusiness is a clear demonstration of Zain’s commitment to enrich the lives of business  owners and managers across the country as it comes with a Master line concept that  empowers entrepreneurs to monitor and control communications cost in their businesses,”  said Srivastava.

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The Zain Mybusiness package is offered to businesses identified as SMEs with staff  strength of between 1-50 employees. The package is sold with two lines (master line and  associate line) and pre-provisioned on the service class with enough credit included to  cover the first month minimum commitment fee of all the lines.

Additional lines can be added to the group if required. The master line or business  owner’s name can have as many as 49 associate lines attached to it while minimum number  of lines in a group is two.

To connect to the Mybusiness package, new users are required to buy a Zain Mybusiness  line which comes with two SIM packs: master line and associate while existing customers  can migrate their existing lines by visiting a Zain shop nearest to their houses or  business places.

Srivastava added that the Mybusiness offer is designed in a simple fashion as existing  Zain customers who are entrepreneurs can connect to the offer by dialing *600# from the  Master line while non Zain SME customers can purchase a Zain prepaid SIM to connect to  the package.

The master line or main line in the Zain Mybusiness offer is the first line that joins  the group and it adds the other lines (workers’ lines) to the group. It is the only line  that can migrate, add and delete the workers’ lines just as it is the only line that  recharges each month to cover the access charge for all other lines in the group. The  master line (in most cases) belongs to the owner of the business.

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