Ekiti PDP Should Take Defeat In Good Faith


The Ekiti State Government has advised the People’s Democratic Party, PDP, to take the partry’s defeat in good faith rather than agonise over the sack of erstwhile governor, Segun Oni, by the Court of Appeal.

A statement signed by Mr. Yemi Adaramodu this afternoon said “the state government is aware of the various negative comments by Ekiti PDP stalwarts about the victory of Dr. Kayode Fayemi, the Governor of Ekiti State and the misinformation that Governor Fayemi had rescinded decisions twice. The Governor is yet to make any decision in the first instance, so he could not have rescinded any.

“While we are aware of the trauma the judgment of the Court of Appeal had inflicted on the PDP chieftains, we urge them to retrace their steps and rally round the new governor for the development of Ekiti State.

“It is not surprising that the excellent judgment of the Court of Appeal which was lauded and hailed all over the world was castigated by the PDP known for underhand deals in litigations. Nigerians know those who are ardent in cutting corners, not only in electoral matters but in every other aspect of human endeavour.”

Adaramodu also said that “it is on record that the PDP has lost many states to electoral fraud with the possibility of losing more. Therefore, the allegation that AC purchased the judgment could not be true, rather it is the PDP that is known for such dirty practices. The PDP’s imaginary achievements are not new as they were busy for over three years telling the whole world how they have transformed Ekiti when in actual fact they had ruined the state.

“In case the Ekiti PDP had forgotten how they plunged the state into a fiscal haemorrhage, Ekiti people would remind them. They embarked on a fraudulent road revolution for which vans and vehicles of various brands were purchased for political urchins and lackeys who were either appointed as road project committee members or road management agents. The state was fiscally assaulted by the sacked PDP regime to the extent that it could not pay workers’ salary as at when due while the state of public utilities were glaringly hellish.

“It is an irony that the depressed PDP stalwarts could lie shamelessly to the whole world that they provided free education when the regime of Mr. Segun Oni sounded the death knell of education in Ekiti state.”

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He said Governor Kayode Fayemi’s eight point agenda had always been his blueprint for governance before the usurpers occupied the seat for over three years, but Segun Oni had none, adding that the eight-point agenda was fashioned after the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) and they shall be executed properly and adequately.

The dilemma of the PDP, he said, “is as a result of the inability of its illegitimate regime to provide the dividends of democracy for Ekiti people, in spite of the more than N270 billion they collected from the federation account in more than three years. They cannot possibly understand how Governor Fayemi would do it. It is on record that the state broadcasting corporation for which they purportedly earmarked billions to install has packed up and could not function as their mouthpiece, another mark of their ineptitude.

“The allegation of the PDP that there were many policemen deployed to Ekiti is totally false. Since the victory of Governor Fayemi is a popular one, there is no need to flood the state with policemen. The state is peaceful and not under any siege as wrongly claimed by the PDP. Governor Fayemi ‘s inauguration was done openly and in the presence of dignitaries from within and outside the country and not hurriedly done in a dungeon under the cover of darkness.

“As a matter of fact, the wild jubilations and ecstasy that greeted the victory of Dr. Fayemi after the appeal court ruling, could not be compared to the gloomy faces worn by the indigenes each time the hitherto stolen mandate was given to Oni. For more than three years, the PDP had been cycling round a ring of failures, incompetence and political rough tackles, expending the State resources to service the unpleasant effects of their obtuse dispositions.

“We want to alert the public that Ekiti people should expect more frivolous allegations and idle statements from the remnants of the disbanded impostors in Ekiti State, because they are yet to recover from the shock of the judicial hammer. This a new dawn in Ekiti and the government appeals passionately to the PDP to accept the verdict of the Court of Appeal in good faith because it is the reflection of the wishes of Ekiti people which they expressed through the ballot.”

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