Beware, That Burger Could Be Dangerous


There is a secret many consumers of burgers, fries and fast food do not know. And that is they could be dangerous to their health.

The latest discovery is that the hamburger and fries won’t decompose, even where  they are left for up to six months.

A report by the New York Times, which was also picked up by world respected media  like the Washsington Post and the Cable News Network, CNN has revealed that junk  foods from fast foods won’t decompose.

According to the report, burgers and fries won’t decompose because they were made  with so many chemicals.

It says “with so many chemicals stuffed into them, even a mole won’t eat them.”

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Because of the chemicals that are stuffed into them, many processed foods don’t  decompose and won’t be eaten by moles, insects or even rodents. A  margarine outside  your yard can last till eternity while potato chips can last for decades, so also  frozen pizzas and processed Christmas sausages and meats sold during holiday season  can last for years and they will never rot, the report says.

As meats are stored with high sodium content and salt is known to be a great  preservative, fast foods loaded with sodium and other chemicals won’t decompose.

The real reasons why rodents and other animals won’t eat burgers and other  chemical-loaded fast food is that they are not foods. They are not edible even to  bacteria or fungi, the more reason why they won’t decompose.

According to the report, the human beings who patronize burgers and other fast foods  cannot but suffer from high rates of diabetes, cancer, heart disease, dementia and  obesity; concluding that the poisonous chemicals in the fast foods scare even fungi  but humans care less and feed their children with dangerous chemicals.

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