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'I Have Been Stealing For 10 Years'


A 22-year old convict, Chikodi Uchenna Onwuegbunam, has confessed that he started stealing 10 years ago and that it was in his blood.

Chikodi, a two-time convicted criminal, confessed that the more he tries to stop stealing, the greater the desire to steal.

He disclosed that he started stealing when he was 12 years in his home time where he was taught how to steal by his senior brothers and he joined their gang after the death of his father.

He said he fled to Lagos three years ago when the vigilance group in their area was closing in on him and his gang.

“When I came to Lagos, I thought I will use the opportunity to live a better life but I have been involved in break and entry and I have been arrested and jailed two times,” he stated.

He absolved his mother of any blame in his ordeal and blamed himself for not listening to her.

“My mother tried her best but she could not do much because of the bad friends around me,” he revealed.

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Chikodi and his friend, Timothy, Ogologbo, 18, were arrested for burgling Ejigbo Magistrate’s Court and stealing items worth N178,000.00

When the duo were arrested, he confessed to the police that he and Timothy burgled the court and sold the loot to a pastor.

They were charged to court where he pleaded guilty.

The magistrate, Mrs. S.O. Solebo found them guilty on a two-count charge preferred against them and subsequently sentenced Chikodi to two years imprisonment while Timothy will serve 18 months.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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