MAN Decries Multiple Taxation On Industries


The Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) has decried the multiple taxations imposed on industries by the three tiers of government.

Mr. Wole Akeukereke, the Executive Secretary (West) Manufacturers Association of Nigeria (MAN) made the complaint in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Ibadan.

He observed that multiple taxations was one of the two major challenges crippling industrial growth and forced many to close down.

“The state and local governments do go beyond what is expected of them as they go about using crude ways to extort money from our members.

“For instance, if you go along the road, you see them carrying tyre rippers, using all touts to form road blocks.

“They say they are consultants whereas the Federal Inland Revenue Service has made it clear to us that the use of consultants for the purpose of revenue generation is illegal, yet the state and local government still engage in it,” Akeukereke told NAN.

He argued that in areas where industries operated, it was the children of those communities that would benefit by being gainfully employed.

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“It is the children that will work in the industries, so government should have a rethink on this issue of multiple taxation because it is really killing our industries.

According to him, some manufacturing companies are relocating outside Nigeria to Ghana and South Africa.

“I learnt that any investor who wants to establish a company in Ghana, Ghana government will give him free land to build his factory, tax relief for five years, among other incentives.

“I think government should rather encourage both local and foreign investors, make friendly policies that will be devoid of multiple taxation.

“Even the few industries that are operating now; they still face this problem of multiple taxation and worst of all, epileptic power supply,” the Executive Secretary added.

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