Sex For Cash Booms In Varsities, UNILAG Shuts Female Hostels By Midnight

A campus  girl on the dance floor.

•A campus girl on the dance floor.

Sex business is booming on university campuses across the country even as Nigerians continue to lament the poor state of the country’s education.

•A campus girl on the dance floor.

Some female students in Nigerian universities now prefer to perpetually remain students in order to continue their sex-for-cash ‘runs’.

The students who engage in  sex for cash have also devised new means of staying longer on campus to continue their ‘runs’ as the sex-for-cash act is popularly called on campus.

Investigation by P.M.NEWS revealed that the female students deliberately fail examinations in order to remain on campus.

While these students are excited whenever there is industrial action by the lecturers, most of them also misinform their parents that their studies would cause them to spend extra years instead of the normal one granted by the National Universities Commission (NUC) for accredited courses.

Part of the strategies applied by the student prostitutes include missing classes and travelling for ‘runs’ instead. They are also known never to do assignments or participate in tests.

They deliberately also write their examinations in such a way that they would carry some courses over.

Before now, these ‘runs girls’ would bribe their lecturers financially or even sleep their way to success in their exams, but these days they prefer to fail examinations because, according to some of them, their hope of getting a job after graduation has long been dashed.

These girls meet their clients through networking. A girl would influence her client to seek a friend for another prospective student prostitute. They also patronise clubs for prospective ‘customers’.

A source who explained the operation of the student prostitutes told P.M.NEWS that on return to their various hostels after the weekend ‘runs’, “they flaunt their goodies- beautiful designer outfit, perfumes, jewelry and shoes to entice other students to join the trade.

“When these students see the flamboyant lifestyles of the aristo babes they also go into the trade.

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According to the source, “ladies get involved in the business for reasons ranging from the need for pure pleasure to an insatiable appetite for cash.”

For Oluchi, going for runs has other advantages apart from financial benefit.

“You will get to meet highly placed people in the society who will help you in future. This connection could lead to job offers after graduation, business setup, oversea trips or even marriage,” she said.

Another student, Tolu, said they do not look forward to graduation because of the fear of unemployment after graduation.

When reminded that the students could invest money generated from the allowance paid by the National Youth Service Corps during service year, she maintained that some of the ladies make N20,000 on a trip, while the luckier ones could earn as much as N50,000 or more depending on the status and financial capability of their ‘catch’.

These ladies are classy and most times they become chairpersons for the hall week committees in their hostels.

Investigations revealed further that the hottest hostel in the University of Lagos is New Hall which is the new ‘action spot’ where the ‘runs’ ladies get fresh young girls for induction.

Measures have, however, been taken by the school authorities to curb this scandal and this is by locking up of all hostels and school gates at midnight thereby hindering ‘runs’ after this time.

But the students have also started patronising private hostels around the university. Such hostels include Emerald Hall which is opposite the university gate, American Mola, also known as the home of wild classy girls who do their ‘runs’ at higher levels.

Other private hostels include Hall 9, Blue Haven, Hall 36, and Skyfield.

—Lolade Mustafa

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