PDP Charges ACN To Ease Lagosians' Burden


The Peoples Democratic party, PDP, has said it is a saddening development that life  is becoming increasingly unbearable for the common man in Lagos.

This according to the party is due to the absence of palliative measures to ease  them of the excruciating burden of their severe sufferings; which attained an  all-time high, under the present ACN led administration of Lagos State.

A gubernatorial aspirant of the PDP in Lagos State, Barrister Owolabi Salis, who  disclosed this, berated the Fashola-led administration of the State, that rather  than place the principle of human empowerment as the cornerstone of his ideological  philosophy, all it has prided in accomplishing is the mundane decorative planting of  flowers and cosmetic painting of edifices all in the vain expectation that oncoming  visitors who behold the sight of the flowers, and painting will construe it as a  mark of development.

But contrary to the manifestations of these superficial make-beliefs, true  development and indeed, a meaningfully enduring one for that matter is accomplished  by such measure that addresses man as the epicenter of government attention, in  consonance with Awo’s pragmatic philosophy which expressed that since man is the  sole causative dynamics in nature, any meaningful development could only come about,  through a sustained and intensified scheme of developing man.

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It is therefore not surprising that today, small businesses associated with the  down-trodden, are subjected to a sustained and intensified strangulation, through  the destruction of market without a credible alternative.

This according to him, is indicated in the demolition of Mosafejo market in Oshodi,  as a result of which a good number of frustrated victims had died, apart from the  teeming numbers of the living, whose world appeared to have come to an end, as there  appeared no hope in sight for their recovery, as indicated in the absence of an  institutionalized welfare package to take care of the needy as is the vogue in the  advanced countries like Europe and America.

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