Governor’s Cup Is Getting Better


Isreali player, Ester Masuri has been featuring in the Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis  since 2006. Ester, ranked number 1109, is around this year to play in the 10th  edition of the Etisalat/FCMB sponsored tennis tourney. Though the player could not  go beyond the first round in Futures 1 last week, she told SUNDAY AKINTOYE about her  expectation in Futures 2 this week and other related issues

You have spent more than a week in Nigeria, what is your impression about the  country?
(Laughs) Nigeria is a nice country, the people are friendly and accommodating. It  has been a wonderful experience staying in Nigeria to play the Governor’s Cup.

How would you rate your performance in the ongoing Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis,  especially in the first leg played last week?
My performance was not bad compared to other tennis players who registered for the  tourney. Though I could not go beyond the first round of the first leg, I lost to  Natalie Piquion of France 1-6, 1-6 in the Women’s Singles. I am happy because I lost  to one of the best players of the tournament. Piquoin is number 3 player and  I  played to the quarter final level in the doubles’ event.

How would you describe your opponent, Piquion?
Piquion is one of the best players in this tournament. She played in the final but  eventually lost to Zuzana Kucova of Slovakia 6-2, 6-0. She is good and better than  me.

You have been coming to play the championship for the past four years now, what can  you say about the tourney?
The competition is getting better every year. This year’s edition has lived up to  expectations because the court is better than when the competition started. The  championship is internationally accepted and approved by the International Tennis  Federation (ITF). I want to commend the organisers for creating an enabling  environment for the participants who are taking part in this competition. I’m happy  to be part of the competition this year and hope to come back here next year.

What are your expectations in the second leg of the competition?
I want to perform better than I did in the first leg. I have intensified my training  ahead of the  games in the second leg. I trained twice daily to keep fit.  I must  confess, this year’s edition is tough for me, but I will get better in my next game.

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After this competition, is there any championship you are preparing in?
I am not preparing for any championship; but going back to Israel to continue with  my university programme. I am in my second year in the university. I’m studying  Psychology.

Don’t you think that your study may affect your tennis career?
It does not disturb me. I have a programme myself, so I don’t think I have problem  about that.

What  did you learn in this year’s Governor’s Cup Lagos Tennis?
I learnt to take the game of tennis easy and love to play the game according to the  rules

Would you come to Nigeria again?
I will be in Nigeria next year. I like the atmosphere of the country, I mean the  weather, the people of the country. I am delighted that I have a nice stay in  Nigeria.

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