You Are All Clowns, Lagos ACN Tells Coalition Of 26 Parties


The Lagos State chapter of the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has lashed out at a  group calling itself the Coalition of 26 Political Parties over its demand that  Governor Raji Fashola should resign.

”It is obvious that the so-called coalition is a disoriented bunch of charlatans  who are being used by those that are nursing the wild dream of taking over Lagos to  distract the Fashola regime, the Lagos ACN stated.

The statement which was signed by the Publicity Secretary of the party in the state,  Joe Igbokwe, disclosed that the incoherence and the annoying petulance in the  ridiculous demand shows that the coalition of one man parties are neophytes who  hardly understand governance, talkless of governing a state like Lagos.

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The party advised them to keep their peace if they have nothing to contribute to the  development of Lagos.

“While it was difficult to understand the grouse of these so-called 26 parties with  no fixed political address, no antecedents, no honour, no base, no history, no  ideology, no hope, no background and no foundation, an agglomeration of political  lone rangers that want to serve the interests of whoever has the right price for  their cheap labour, we doubt if the body was convinced it has any reason for this  irresponsible demand.

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