Nigeria Won’t Find Ghana Easy If...


Anthony Edusei, coach of Ghana in this interview, told about his expectations in the ongoing African Women Championship, AWC. Edusei believes it will be a battle to the finish, if his team meet Nigeria’s Super Falcons in the next round of the tourney

Your team were being led at the first half by your opponents, Algeria and you equalised to finally win the game. What was your secret?
We were being led at the first half. After going to the locker room, I talked to our players that there was no reason for them to lose the match. I quickly made some changes at the midfield and attack line. I changed the strategy and placement of players. That’s why Ghana attacked forcefully in the second half.

You will be meeting Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea in your next two matches; how do you hope to handle the matches?
We know that Equatorial Guinea are the defending champions and Cameroon are serious contenders. I have not seen any of those teams play. But, I sent my assistants to watch those two matches. When I have the reports I will make an analysis and see how to handle these two opponents. The strategy against Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea will depend on the reports that will be given me.

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Will Nigeria not be an obstacle if Ghana qualify for the second round?
It is true that Ghana have not made it against Nigeria in past competitions, but this year, we have renewed our team and have experienced players. It will not be easy for Nigeria to beat us if we meet them on our way this time. We had a nice preparation in Germany. And, with the way our players have been evolving I am convinced that if we qualify for the World Cup, we will leave our mark.

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