I'm Ready For Any Opponent


National Welterweight Champion, Kola Abimbola, told ADEBOBOLA ALAWODE in this  interview that he is ready for any opponent and other issues relating to  professional boxing in Nigeria

What is happening to you?
Nothing much. It is only that I’ve been training, but there are no fights for me.

Since you became the National Welterweight champion, you’ve not fought, why?
Fights are not easy to come by and there is nothing we can do about it.

What do you think is responsible for the lull in the professional cadre?
The promoters are not promoting fights. If the promoters are not willing to bankroll  fights then what can we, the professional boxers, do?

When will you defend your title?
I’m still waiting for any promoter to sponsor any fight.

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Do you have a fight in sight now?
I heard that a promoter is packaging a fight and if I’m invited I would gladly go  for it.

How prepared are you?
I’m well prepared. As a boxer, I don’t fear any foe. Boxing to me is like a war   with no soldier.

Don’t you think the promoters are afraid of their fights being disrupted by angry  fans?
Let me say that it is a new dawn for professional boxers  in Nigeria. We the boxers  have warned our fans that they should accept the result of any fight and not to  foment trouble because such conducts will chase potential promoters away.

Are you saying that professional boxing in Nigeria will experience a new lease of  life?
Since the inception of the new board of the Nigeria Boxing Board of Control, NBB of  C, we have been experiencing new things, and I know in due time things would get  better.

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