The Light Vcd Ready


The VCD of youthful Islamic singer, Qamorudeen Adekunle Oyebanji’s first album  titled The Light (Imole), will hit the market next week.

Agba Kamo, as he is fondly called, stated that the video, which features Ayeloyun,  another frontline Islamic act, will be released to the delight of Muslim brothers  and sisters in commemoration of this year’s Ed-El Fitri celebrations.

Meanwhile, a follow up to The Light tagged Aanu Olorun, Rahmotul-lahi, recently  released, features Islamic prayers presented in classical music with Western  rhythmic touch, thus making it necessary for every home.

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The two tracks in the album produced by Akoa Perfect Communications are Isegun Ota  (Victory) and Ariski (Wealth).

—Kayode Aponmade

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