Nigerian Cries Out For Justice


A Nigerian, Ajayi Adewale, of 13, Social Club Road, Abule Egba, Lagos State, Nigeria,  has appealed to the Netherlands embassy in Nigeria to investigate the circumstances  surrounding the death of his brother, Gabriel Moon, 32, in a Netherlands’ hospital.

Adewale also urged the embassy to investigate the confiscation of the properties and  the 200 Million Euro lottery won by the deceased by the government of Netherlands  without any explanation to his family.

Adewale, an elder brother to the late Moon, said his brother’s last wish that he  (Adewale) should witness his burial was also aborted by the refusal of Netherlands  embassy to grant his visa application to travel to the country.

According to Adewale, “before he fell sick, he came to Nigeria in 2009 and informed  us that he won a lottery of 200 million Euro and that he was given a condition by  the government of Netherlands that he must marry their citizen before the money  could be released to him. This, he said, he was not able to do.

“Immediately he returned to Netherlands, he called me and said he has been admitted  at Zon en Schild Hospital, for cancer related ailment. This, he fought for almost  one and a half years until he died on 1 May, 2010.

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“While he was in the hospital, he told his doctor, Mr. Cees Von Houten, to  facilitate my coming to Netherlands so that I could be of help to him. When that was  not possible and he was dying, he told his doctor to make sure that I witnessed his  burial.

”The doctor told me that this was what my brother said to him. But all efforts to  get visa to travel to the Netherlands to be with him and witness his burial were  aborted.

“Our family wants to know why his properties were confiscated; what happened to the  200 million Euro lottery he won and why the embassy refused to grant me visa to be  with him on his sick bed and to witness his burial. The government of Netherlands  should be able to explain the circumstances surrounding Moon’s death,” Adewale  stated.

Before his death, Moon resides at Vlasakeraar 143, 3906 SG, Den Haag, Netherlands  and later moved to Ameersfor, where he worked with a local government, Adewale  added.

—  Paul Sanusi

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