Nollywood Stars Storm Alausa For Fashola’s 2nd Term


Over 100 actors and actresses in the Nigerian movie industry,  Nollywood have  garnered support for Governor Babatunde Fashola’s second term bid  next year.

The movie stars, led by Mr. Segun Arinze are championing the  campaign for Fashola’s  second term and have come under the aegis of Lagos Artistes For Fashola, LAFF. They  visited the governor yesterday in his office at Alausa, Ikeja, Lagos State, South  West Nigeria.

Those who were at the State House, Ikeja were Segun Arinze, Zack Orji, Fred Amata,  Bassey Ekpeyong, Abubakar Yakub, Kingsley Ogoro, Sunny Mcdon, Fathia Balogun, among  others.

According to Arinze, Fashola had done tremendously well and “is an actualiser. I  have gathered friends who have made impact in the movie industry in Lagos State to  come together for you.

“We have come together for the actualization of your second term.

I don’t care whose ox is gored. We will stick with you throughout the campaign  period until the victory is won,” he said.

Arinze added that the artistes would release album and jingles to sensitise the  people and ensure that they vote for the governor next  year, stressing that “there  is now a brand called ‘BRF.’

“We will go to the grassroots to mobilise the people, we will  support you; you will  get our backing and support,” Arinze said.

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In his response, Fashola commended the artistes for their support  during the 2007  electoral campaign and urged them to promote ideals that would better the lot of the  people in the society.

“By sheer deed of commitment, you have found a way where there seems to be no way.  You have helped to address youth restiveness and unemployment,” he said, adding that  lots of youths’ talent had not been harnessed in the area of  cinematography.

“How many Nigerian universities offer courses in cinematography? I champion this  cause that Nigerian universities should offer courses in such area. Many of you were  probably forced into acting out of necessity,” he stated.

The governor appealed to the actors and actresses to use their movies to shape and  fight the ills in the society rather than exposing them negatively, citing several  cases were police were portrayed in bad light in movie scenes.

“Maybe you may not pay attention to the values you portray but I do. Your work is  influential and you can use it to promote the image of this country. For instance,  our police are doing well. Any time you produce movies and you get to a police  scene, they are always portrayed as badly dressed, that is the image you are sending  out.

“Through those movies, you can challenge the police on how they should behave. We  can tackle the issue where people are offered bribe and they reject it in our  movies. And again, if you teach violence in your films, you will breed violence in  the society. It is our job to remake this country,” Fashola said.

—Kazeem Ugbodaga

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