Residents Cry Out For Help


Residents of Fatoki, Isuti Road, Igando, Lagos, Nigeria have lamented the poor state of  Odo Isuti Road and appealed to the government to do something about it urgently.

“We want the government to repair this road for us. It is a source of worry for us anytime we want to move out of Igando and when we are coming back.

”The road has damaged our vehicles and rendered some of us immobile. There are potholes everywhere and it gets worse when it rains. Infact, it is always impassable when it rains,“ lamented Mr. Tunde Ogundipe, one of the residents of the area.

He revealed further that residents pay as high as N100 to commercial motorcyclists for a short distance.

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Another resident, Mr. Noah Owolabi, appealed to the state government to come to the aid of the residents by repairing the road. “Whenever it rains, you cannot find any vehicle to take you to your destination. Tricycle riders are afraid to go through this area for fear of water entering their engines and having to visit the mechanic workshop the following day. Those who risk it charge abnormal fare,’’ he added.

A landlord in the area, Mr. Ahmed Jinadu said it is time for the government to intervene. “We are part of Lagos State and the government needs to do things that will impact the lives of residents of this area. Repairing this road is one of them,” he stated.

On efforts by the community to rehabilitate the road, the landlord disclosed that efforts by some of them to render palliative measures on the road were met with stiff resistance by thugs otherwise known as ‘omo onile’ who demand for money before anything can be done on the road.

—Aroyewun Kemi

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