ACN Raises Alarm Over Plan To Declare State Of Emergency In Ekiti


The Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) has raised an alarm over plans by the PDP to  instigate chaos and instability in Ekiti state to justify the action being  spearheaded by a PDP top brass in the South-west to use his clout to force the  federal government to impose a state of emergency in the state.

In a statement issued in Lagos on Wednesday by its National Publicity Secretary,  Alhaji Lai Mohammed, the party said the plans involve using the recent dissolution  of local government councils in Ekiti as a pretext to foment trouble throughout the  state.

Lai Muhammed

”In fact, we learnt that the PDP top gun, who is behind the devilish plans, has  urged the PDP council officials who were lawfully sacked by the state government to  return to their posts, hoping this would help trigger enough trouble that he will  now use as an excuse to prevail on the President to impose a state of emergency on  the state,” it said.

ACN warned, however, that whoever tries to go along that dangerous path must be  ready to impose a state of emergency on all of Nigeria.

”Ekiti, under the rule of the ACN, has never been more peaceful. Any attempt to  foment trouble, therefore, will be resisted by the peace-loving but courageous and  indefatigable people of the state. If the government has not deemed it fit to slam  emergency rule on states like Bayelsa, Akwa Ibom and Abia where militancy and  kidnapping are thriving, or states like Ogun and Oyo which have become hotbeds of  political thuggery, why would anyone even brood such for a peaceful state like  Ekiti?

”The only answer we can find right now is that the PDP is trying to get through the  back door what it has failed to secure through the front door,” the party said.

ACN said if anyone or group feels that any law has been broken with the dissolution  of the Ekiti councils and the appointment of caretaker committees for the councils,  such person or group should head to court rather than taking to the streets.

It advised the PDP to emulate it (the ACN), which has always resorted to the courts  to resolve any political logjam.

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”For over three years, we were in court in Ekiti and Osun states, seeking to use  legal means to get back our mandates that were stolen by the PDP. All through those  years, we never caused any trouble even for the illegitimate governments in place.  This is how to grow democracy, ” the party said.

ACN criticised the PDP lawmakers in Ekiti, who boycotted a session at which the  Governor’s lawful action was ratified by the state House of Assembly. According to  the law, the governor can dissolve the councils and put in place caretaker  committees in concurrence with the state House of Assembly. This has been done!

”The decision by the PDP members of the Ekiti House of Assembly to boycott that  sitting is in line with what the PDP has been doing in Edo state, where lawmakers  have been boycotting assembly sessions for the past six months, hoping this will  grind the machinery of state. This is sheer irresponsibility and a manifestation of  politics of brigandage on the part of the PDP. If any member of the house anywhere  refuses to attend sessions, he or she should be recalled, and possibly charged with  treason!” the party said.

”But we want to put it on record that the sitting at which the Ekiti Governor  received the nod of the state assembly was properly conducted by the Clerk of the  house and in accordance with the law. Any party that feels otherwise should emulate  the ACN and head to court, not to the streets.

”That is how the ACN has been growing our nation’s democracy. For example, our  party is  outnumbered in Osun State House of Assembly, but we have always ensured  that we will have our say, even if we can’t have our way. Ditto for the National  Assembly and many other states.

This is the way to go, and we call on the PDP to follow suit, instead of threatening  fire and brimstone,” ACN said.

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