Okada, Tricycles, Others Get Special Oil


Petroleum giants Total Nigeria PLC has launched a new product, Total Special 4T  20W50 designed specifically for 4 stroke motorcycle engines. The new oil brand is  high performance tailored for new generation Motorbikes, Powerbikes and  Keke Marwa  running on diesel or petrol.

At its launch recently at Total Service Station, Surulere, the marketing Manager of  Total, pointed out that: “Technological advancements have has brought with them a  sophisticated consumer base, which looks out for the best in products and services  hence, the introduction of this product.”

He noted that the Total Special 4T lubricant is indeed an answer to the modern day  Okada owners, who are not only looking for smooth ride, but also wants to ensure  that the investment is very well protected saying, “We assure our customers of  stress-free motoring with the use of the Special 4T quality lubricant.”

“This high quality lubricant does not only guarantee longer life to your  motorcycles, but would also reduce costs associated with the consequences of buying  inferior goods,” he added.

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The marketing manager revealed that because oil thickens in very high temperatures,  the Special 4T is formulated with robust additives and reduce oil oxidation which  makes it different from other lubricants.

Speaking at the launch, the Total Managing Director Francois Boussagol said with the  launch of the Special 4T, Total Nigeria has achieved another milestone in the  Nigerian downstream sector.

He said Special 4T is the fruit of the research and development efforts of the Total  Group assuring that the company will continue to do more for its customers.

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