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Fuji musician, Abass Akande Obesere spoke with P.M.Entertainment about his new  album, the crisis among fuji musicians and other issues

What has been happening to you?
Everything has been good and I thank God. Right now, my new album is out. It is  called Double Revolution and on the label of Stingomania Records. It is a fantastic  album in terms of lyrical content, while the packaging is also superb. I think this  is the first time Stingomania will be doing this type of packaging for me. I really  like it.

Apart from the packaging, what makes the album different from the previous ones?
First, it is not the usual fuji music. This time, it is the combination of fuji and  hip hop where I featured hip hop artistes like Lord of Ajasa, Timaya, 9ice and other  upcoming artistes. The 15 tracker is not only going to be entertaining but educating  and informative. My fans should have it.

But we learnt that you’ve changed your management team, how true is this?
I never said I have changed my management team. Stingomania is still my manager and  I still have a valid contract with him. Whosoever that is doing other things for me  are only supporting me and I still give Stingomania the report of everything I am  doing.

What about Mr. Rahmon, people say he is your new manager?
Rahmon has been with me for a long time. He is based in South Africa doing one or  two things for me and any time he is in Nigeria, he organises the media for me. That  doesn’t mean he has snatched me from Stingomania. For your information, Rahmon  doesn’t have a record label, I, Abass Akande Obesere a.k.a. PK1 signed for  Stingomania and my agreement with it is still valid.

The Abass Akande we know in the 1990s is different from the one we are seeing today,  what really informed the change in your performance?
I am an entertainer. I need to give my fans what they want and that is why I have  been dynamic in my style. I realised that dancing on stage with women and adding  some effizzy to it will make my fans love my shows, but I don’t have any intimacy  with my back-up dancers. They are paid to do what they are doing and after the  shows, everything ends. I want to tell you that I am entirely different off stage.

Tell us the type of person you are off stage?
I am a complete gentleman and any time I am not on stage, I will be at home  entertaining guests. Believe me, I receive guests everyday, from morning till night.  If I needed a rest, I travel abroad and that is if I can’t get enough rest here in  Nigeria.

With this your busy schedule, when do you have time for your family?
They are not in the country. My wife and the children live in England. I only send  money to them and if I have enough time, I will travel and stay with them for some  time.

How many wives do you have?
I have one wife.

How religious are you?
I am a practising Muslim. I have mosque in my mansion where I pray.

Why do you go for one wife when Islam permits more than one?
I can’t handle two or more wives and that is why I went for one. I am satisfied with  the one I have.

Your family doesn’t live in Nigeria, so how do you cope with women, particularly  your female fans?
Women are always coming and they will continue to come because they are part of what  we’re doing as musicians. But when you’re disciplined, you’ll overcome the problem  of women. I never felt lonely because I am a disciplined man and don’t do anything  funny with female fans. For instance, I can still remember the day I had a show in  London and a white woman said he would kill herself because of me. She wanted me to  marry her and you know what, she promised me everything, but I rejected all those  things she promised. There are several other similar cases that I can’t remember  now.

Let us talk about fashion, what type of designer clothes do you like?
I so much love good and aesthetic designs and the type I wear is very scarce. It is  called Toffani.

What about automobiles?
I love exotic cars.

You acquired a limousine worth N75 million some years back, where is it now?
That was then. I don’t have it again. I have given it out to a king whose name I  don’t want to mention. In Yoruba culture, when you give somebody something and you  promised not to disclose it to anybody, you must abide by the promise. I have  promised the king never to mention his name as regards the limousine.

But why did you give it out?
It is not every time I go out with it and instead of keeping it un-used, the best  thing was to give it out to somebody that will appreciate it, more so, it will be a  waste of money if it is not properly used and maintained. That is why I dashed it  out.

Let’s talk about the industry, why do we always have crisis among fuji artistes?
Most of the crises are caused by fans. They instigate the fight. You have a  situation where they say “my musician is better than yours and the rest” and the  more they argue, the more the artistes involved get more sales. Another thing is  jealousy from the musicians themselves.
You see one musician livid against his fellow musician because he is well accepted  by the people.

What about the issue of supremacy, especially the brouhaha over the king of fuji  music?
Let me make it clear at this point that there is no supremacy in fuji music. The  issue of supremacy is championed by fans. As for king of fuji music, anybody can  call himself that. Wasiu Ayinde Marshal once called himself king after which Saheed  Osupa said Alhaji Sikiru Ayinde Barrister made him king. I see all these as a form  of rebranding. Musicians are trying to rebrand themselves so that they can be  relevant to their fans.

But it is believed that fuji musicians are social miscreants, what can you say about  this?
I don’t agree with the assertion or belief. Fuji musicians are not miscreants,  although there are bad ones among them. The same thing is applicable to every  profession. So, the idea that we are touts should be erased. We can’t say because we  have bad eggs in our midst does not mean everybody is bad. There are some of us who  are complete gentlemen. I want to tell you that I am a complete gentleman, so, it  depends on the kind of life you live.

As the chairman of FUMAN, what are you doing to ensure lasting peace in the  industry?
I have been working with the National President, Alhaji Saka Orobo and the Chairman  of Music Advertisers of Nigeria (MAN), Alhaji Waheed Mosebolatan, to ensure peace in  the industry. I am assuring you that there is no more war in fuji music circle. We  have settled the discord between Pasuma and Osupa and other artistes and they have  promised us never to fight again. By the grace of God, there wouldn’t be any crisis  again. They have sworn never to engage in any war of words even though there is no  way this can be totally eradicated. Fuji musicians are good people and we want our  fans to see us like that.

Are you fulfilled as a musician?

I am not fulfilled. I am sure nobody is fulfilled except a dead person. Even the  late M.K.O. Abiola was not fulfilled before he died upon all the money he had, he  still wanted to be the Nigerian president. I have just started and still striving to  become somebody.

What more favour do you want from God?
I want glory, popularity and wisdom from God.

—Bayo Adetu

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