Nigerian Idol Starts Sunday

Idol Judges.

•Idol Judges.

Starting from Sunday 21 November, Idols, the highly publicised and anticipated music  show, which has turned many into stars and captivated the entire world, will begin  airing for the first time on Nigerian television as first season of Nigerian Idol  debuts.

•Idol Judges.

For five consecutive months, television audience across Nigeria will have the  pleasure of watching the biggest music talent competition and the opportunity to  root and vote for their favourite Idol wannabe.

The Nigerian Idol auditions just wrapped up after a month of searching for talents  in Enugu, Calabar, Abuja and Lagos, with Lagos audition producing an astonishing  number of 5,000 young talents all hoping to become the next international music  superstar from Nigeria.

Broadcaster Yemisi Fajimolu, fondly called Misi, by her radio fans, will be the host  of the talent hunt show. She will be joined by Anis Holloway, a former reality show  contestant.

For the first time ever, Audu Maikori, Chocolate City boss, American superstar  Jeffrey Daniel and singer Yinka Davies, have taken up positions as judges of  Nigerian Idol and they will play their role in commenting on the performances of  this year’s contestants while helping the wannabes be the best they can.

Originally referred to as Pop Idol, Idols debuted on British TV in October 2001.  Nigerian Idol is sponsored by Etisalat, Pepsi and Royal Exchange Assurance. The  winner will go home with a cash prize of N7.5 million, a BlackBerry phone, Ipad,  Ipod and an easy net data card along with a recording contract with Sony BMG

The first runner up gets N1.5 million, a BlackBerry phone, Ipad, easy net data card  and an Ipod, courtesy of Etisalat, while the second runner up receives N1 million, a  BlackBerry phone, Ipad, Ipod and easy net data card, also courtesy of Etisalat.

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