Crooked PRO Steals Press' Largesse


Wonders, they say shall never cease or how should one describe the act of a Public  Relations Officers, PRO in the Lagos State Civil Service who allegedly stole  N130,000 out of the N200,000 largesse meant for some pressmen at an event.

The PRO’s boss had given him N200,000 for the pressmen who spent almost the entire  day to cover the last Executive-Legislative Parley held at Mile 2 area of Lagos  State, South West Nigeria.

The PRO (name withheld), allegedly removed N130,000 and gave the over 30 pressmen  N70,000, saying that was what his boss gave to him.

He thought he had escaped with his crime but unfortunately, the bubble bust, and he  is now in a fix.

The newsmen know the PRO’s boss is generous and religious, so they reported the  matter to him.

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He was shocked that such a thing could happen and confirmed that he gave the PRO  N200,000 for the press boys.

The PRO, a supposed Alfa  was made to cough out the dirty money, while his boss  berated him for the crooked act.

Certainly, Alfa has lost his dignity and demeanour in the eyes of his boss and the  press boys.  He will never be trusted again.

The act has served as a lesson to some PROs at the Secretariat, who have formed the  habit of shortchanging the press.

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