FIBA-Africa Club Champions Club For Women: We Remain Focused


Aderemi Adewunmi is the Head Coach of First Bank Basketball Club of Lagos, who are  defending champions of FIBA-Africa Club Champions Cup for Women. Owolo, as Adewunmi  is popularly called, is also the Head Coach of  the women U- 18 national team. He   spoke with WALE JOSEPH on Saturday before leading the team out to Tunisia to defend  the African women title, which dunked off on Friday, 19 November. The tourney will  end on 27 November, 2010.

You are on your way to Tunisia to defend the FIBA-Africa Club Champions Cup For the  Women title, but the team didn’t leave on time?
We had a minor problem with our flight schedule. This won’t really affect us as we  are focused on the task ahead.

How was your preparation for this championship?
Well, are well prepared to defend our title. We went for camping in Zaira and Kaduna  states. This excluded our regular training in Lagos State. So we are prepared for  the task ahead.

How much support did your team get from the management of the club?
Our management have always been supportive to the team. They ensure all our needs  are met for us to perform very well in any tournament. So I will like to thank the  management for the support we have received from the officials.

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What are your team’s chances of defending the trophy you won at the last edition in  Benin Republic?
We have a good chance to retain the trophy. It’s not easy to qualify for the  tournament. First, we scaled the hurdles by qualifying to represent Nigeria and then  our zone. This shows we mean business to defend our title. We are going to take the  games one after another. I am sure that at the end of the day, we will not  disappoint our country and our fans.

Which of the clubs competing with your team are so daring that can  pose a big  threat to your title ambition?
Like I said earlier, all the teams are good. Every team are a potential threat and  we are going to treat all of them as such.

What’s your message to Nigerians?
I want to implore Nigerians and our teeming fans to support us with prayers as they  have been doing  and by the special Grace of God, we will not disappoint them.

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