Rape Victim Refuses To Testify In Court


An 18-year old victim of sexual abuse broke down in tears at the court before Mrs. M.B. Folami of Ejigbo Magistrate Court and told her that she could not testify before the court because she was ashamed of narrating the story.

The victim, a student, said she did not know how to tell the story because of the presence of litigants in the open court.

But the magistrate told her that she had come to the court to obtain justice and could only get it if she testified and prove that she was actually raped.

However, the court granted her permission to sit in the chambers but she preferred to testify in the open court and still could not.

The prosecutor, CP Balogun, made an application for adjournment to enable the complainant to prepare for the trial and the matter was adjourned till 21 December, 2010.

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The victim was reportedly raped by Ibrahim  Alaka,  a vulcanizer, at her residence at 4, Kayode Street, Ejigbo, Lagos, when her parents were away.

Ibrahim was alleged to have sneaked into his victim’s house and violently raped her and since then, he has been facing trial in court.

—Cyriacus Izuekwe

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