Build Foot Bridge At Ojodu-Berger; Pedestrians Tell Govt


Pedestrians crossing Ojodu-Berger expressway in Lagos, South West, Nigeria, have appealed to federal and state governments to save them from untimely death by a building foot bridge across the highway.

Some of those that narrated their experience while crossing the highway described the situation as suicidal and want something done fast to avert untimely deaths.

A pedestrian, Mr. Bode Iyanda, blamed the government for not providing necessary facilities when the road was being constructed, which, according to him, would have aided easy crossing for pedestrians instead of dashing across the road.

“It is callous for government to have constructed a road like this without providing facility for people to cross it. The heavy traffic here makes it impossible for pedestrians to cross the road.

“It is shameful that government is not bothered about this important issue in spite of accidents that often occur.

“Government should, as a matter of urgency and importance, come to our rescue by constructing foot bridges along this road to save the country from losing its productive citizens,” Bode pleaded.

Mrs. Taiwo Jolaoso, another pedestrian, said “crossing this road is very hectic as people waste much time waiting for traffic to reduce before making any move because they may be killed or maimed by high speeding vehicles.

“Government, both state and federal, should come together and find a way crossing the highway could be made more convenient for pedestrians.”

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