Corporate Bodies Must Give Back To Society


Over the years, of all companies operating in the country, very few give back to society, not even the community in which they operate.

While some companies have really given back something tangible, others give too little to be appreciated, even though they reap abundant profit, which some of them declare annually.

In the world of sports in Nigeria, especially football, a telecommunications firm has demonstrated how to be a good corporate citizen. For several years, it has single-handedly sponsored the Nigerian Premier League. Another oil company offers scholarship annually to students in tertiary institution which is commendable.

Several other individuals, groups and NGOs do the same and the receivers appreciate the gesture.

Some things should not be left to government alone. Corporate bodies could partner with the local or state government to help repair roads in their area of operation. Heavy duty vehicles used by some multinational companies are in some cases responsible for the damage. Every year financial institutions declare profit in billions of naira and yet vote nothing for the community in which they operate. We believe this could be improved upon.

When government is busy with other things, corporate bodies and even high networth individuals can come to the rescue.

In this country, we’ve seen corporate bodies and even individual build kilometres of high quality roads, equip universities and other tertiary institutions and provide water for residents of the community in which they operate.

We commend these individuals and urge others to toe the path of honour. These companies must do more and they must be seen to be doing so. Government at all levels must forge a closer bond with corporate bodies, especially in the area of providing and maintaining infrastructure.

Multinational companies, especially in mineral producing communities must be made to remedy the effects of their extraction activities. Paying tax is not enough. These multinationals  must be pressured to do something about the plight of their host communities.

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