Glo Launches Tracking Device


National Operator, Globacom, has moved to check the high incidence of theft of  mobile assets with the introduction of a new and affordable tracking device known as  GloWatch.

The new product assists subscribers to track the movement, speed and location of  their mobile assets such as cars, buses, motorbikes and boats anywhere in the  country. It is a GPS/GSM-powered device and works by delivering a stream of SMS  communication between the mobile asset and the subscriber’s telephone set.

GloWatch gives the user automated reports such as speed and trip reports as well as  date and time of events if the device has been pre-set for such reporting. The  device does not rely heavily on network resources as it uses only the Glo SMS  platform.

Globacom’s Head of Value Added Services, Samson Isa, said the new product has a  unique advantage over other tracking devices in the market. While such other  competing products only allow signal tracking, GloWatch enables the subscriber to  listen-in and ‘eavesdrop’ on every conversation in the mobile asset at any point in  time.

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“The subscriber can monitor his mobile asset virtually anywhere in Nigeria as the  Glo network extends all over the country. There are over 20,000 pre-identified land  marks in Nigeria for ease of reference and location, which can equally be zoomed on  to Google earth map. Pre-Loaded landmarks are also available, thus offering the  subscriber a very user-friendly experience and option to track the asset with any  mobile phone with a Glo SIM,” he explained.

Another advantage of GloWatch is that it is easy to install and use. A subscriber  can just walk into any Gloworld shop and have the tracking device installed on any  mobile asset. The subscriber can also remotely demobilize the mobile asset when  necessary.

“Criminals are getting more sophisticated and innocent people are made to suffer  huge losses to thieves and armed robbers. GloWatch was, therefore, developed to help  tackle the menace of thieves and third parties unto whom assets are entrusted. Our  subscribers can now sleep with both eyes closed while GloWatch watches over their  mobile assets,” Isa stated.

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