Why We Celebrate 30 Years Of Existence


Founder of the Celestial Church of Christ, Agidingbi, Cathedral, Lagos Central ‘A’  Provincial Headquarters and a member of the Board of Trustees of the C.C.C  Worldwide, Superior E.A Adesanya, in this interview, disclosed what God has used him to do in  the lives of the people and what to expect during the church 30th harvest  anniversary and thanksgiving service tagged Harvest of Eternal Glory 2010

Can we know you sir?
I am Superior E.A. Adesanya, a member of the Board of Trustees of the Celestial  Church of Christ Worldwide, Lagos Central. I was born one 10 October, 1936 and an  indigene of Sagamu, Remo in Ogun State, while I represent all the states in Nigeria.  I worked as a clerk with the Nigerian Port Authority (NPA), before God called me in  1970. When we were in Oyingbo, Ebute Meta, Lagos, a man who appreciated the   wonderful work that God had been using me to perform in the life of the people took  me to a car centre and bought me a brand new Peugeot Station Wagon car, but the holy  spirit said to me that I must not collect it and this was a period that I did not  even own a bicycle. From there, we moved down to Agidingbi here because it was God  that told me that I should come and build this church here. When we got here, this  place was a bush and  we stated the church with just two members, but glory be to  God today, that we have multiplied.

Can you give a brief history of this church and how it has been so far?
I actually started the church in 1980 and we have continued to exist till date. We  thank God that we are progressing and doing wonderfully well. The God Almighty has  been supporting and assisting  us in all that we have been doing thus far.

The church is celebrating its 30 years of existence, what would you say has been the  remarkable achievement recorded so far?
Well, we thank God that since 30 years ago we have recorded so much progress. We  started this church with just two members. We started with the building that we are  using for our Sunday School now before  we moved to this big cathedral. The church  has even produced seasoned professionals in various fields of endeavour including  the immediate past Surveyor General of  the state, who is now a Senior Special  Adviser to the Lagos State governor, Mr. Babatunde Raji Fashola.

How important is the anniversary to the church?
It is very important to us because since we started, we have been making tremendous  progress and our members too, the reason this anniversary is very important to us.  It is equally very important to us to celebrate what God has been doing in our  lives. Therefore, we want the people to have one-on-one experience with God by  coming to seek whatever they desire from Him because He said “ask, and it shall be  given to you.” We equally want to show that this God that has been with us since  inception in still very much with us.

What should the people expect during the celebration?
People should come and experience healing and I promised that their lives won’t  remain the same again. Let them come and have intimate interaction with the God  Almighty.

What was your relationship with the late Pa Oshoffa?
I worked with him as the head of the Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide. After he  died, the leadership of the church was bestowed on our father, the late Reverend  Pastor Alexander Abiodun Bada.  Immediately Baba Oshoffa died in 1985, Bada took  over as the head and I joined him as a prophet in 1986. During this period, we  toured all the states to minister and there was no Celestial church in Nigeria that  we did not visit. After that, he told me that he wanted me to travel with him  overseas. During one of such trips, I was almost denied visa. When we got to the  embassy, three of the four of us were given visa except me. There and then I prayed  to God that if truly it was His wish that I travel with Baba Bada to the US, He  should do wonders and within a twinkle of an eye, I was the document was issued to  me.

When did you actually become a prophet?
That was a very long time ago. I think it was 1960.

Did you see any sign that you are destined to be a prophet or you just woke and said  you are now a prophet?
There were so many signs that God’s spirit was working on me. It was God Himself  that gave me the holy spirit to become a prophet. In Celestial Church of Christ  Worldwide, it is not a human being that will make you a prophet or prophetess, it is  God Almighty.

Since you became a prophet, have you been able to perform any miracle?
Well, it is God that performs miracles but ours to pray. When I pray for the people  and God said amen to it and it comes to pass, it is those people that will come back  to appreciate the work of God in their lives. Whenever I pray for people that are in  need of one thing or another, it usually come to pass. In fact, there was a time I  prayed for the Mayor of Chicago during one of my sojourns in America and it came to  pass, the man was so surprised that he asked me to stay back in Chicago and told him  that I was a ‘bush’ man and cannot stay in such environment. God has used me to  perform wonders in the lives of so many people since we started this Church 30 years  ago. There was a time a dying Ibo man was brought here and he was healed. This was  somebody that could not stand on his feet alone, but to the glory of God, he left  here on his feet. Nobody comes here and go back in vain and as a result, people  should come and witness the power of God Almighty.

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