FRSC Takes Campaign To Motor Park


In its determination to ensure an accident free yuletide, the Federal Road Safety  Commission, FRSC, Lagos Island Unit, in collaboration with Arrive Alive Initiative,  AARI and T & M Transport Company, has commenced the ember months campaign to  sensitize motorists and transporters on the need to be safety conscious during and  after this ember month to avoid unnecessary loss of lives.

The event was held at the T & M motor park, CMS bus stop, Lagos, southwest Nigeria.  All the commercial drivers operating from the motor park and beyond trooped out to  benefit from the ember month counselling.

Dignitaries at the event include Alhaji Adesoka, M.D T 7 M, Alhaji S Tojuowo Alejo,  Financial Director, T & M; Mr. Ike Okonkwo, Executive Director, AARI; B. Asekhauno,  FRSC Unit Head Admin, Yaba and Hon Kamaz Salau Bashua.

Speaking at the event, the Lagos Island Unit Commander of FRSC, Mr. Segun  Ogungbemide said “we organised the road safety campaign yearly to continuously drum  it into the ears of commercial drivers and motorist about our zero tolerance for  road accidents, especially during the ember months and that it is possible to  prevent accidents from happening between now and after yuletide if the drivers  adhere strictly to the rules and regulations guarding against accident on the  highway.”

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To complement the efforts of the FRSC in road safety matters, Mr. Okonkwo, director  of AARI donated about 100 pieces of wake up alert devices to drivers to help wake  them up in case they fall asleep on the wheel.

In his response, Alhaji Adesokan thanked the FRSC for the yearly road safety  campaign, saying the enlightenment campaign is not only a big tonic for drivers and  transporters but encouraging. He begged the FRSC not to relent in their efforts to  sustain the campaign to save lives.

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