Tinubu: PDP Will Fall In 2011


As the 2011 general elections draw nearer, former Governor of Nigeria’s Lagos State,  Asiwaju Bola Tinubu, has called for a re-alignment of forces to unseat the ruling   People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The former governor made this call at the tenth anniversary of the Office of Public  Defender, OPD, in Lagos.

Asiwaju Tinubu said there was urgent need to strategise on how to wrest power out of  the hands of what he described as the tyrannical PDP.

“Our nation today faces perhaps its most monumental challenge, how to dislodge an  immoral and directionless group of people parading themselves as a political party,  the PDP, at the federal level and all the states they have stolen from the lawfully  elected representatives of the people.

“It is a struggle that we must win if this country is to be free from poverty and  despair.  Again, we cannot afford to sit and wait, all of us must join forces with  the progressive movement in our nation which is challenging this immoral machine  that threatens the wellbeing of our nation,” he stated.

Tinubu also described the seven and half years reign of former Governor of Osun  State, Olagunsoye Oyinlola, as tyrannical, saying that Oyinlola had plunged the  state into the abyss.

“Again, seven and half years of Oyinlola tyranny in Osun State has turned that once  proud part of the Western region to a wasteland of depressed and impoverished  people.  On Saturday, we began the task of restoration.

“No matter how powerful a tyrant may be, a few determined people who say ‘no’ and  are prepared to stand and fight will eventually bring down the giant with a feet of  clay,” he said.

“Tyranny and oppression anywhere respond only to principled and unrelenting  resistance,” Tinubu added.

According to Tinubu, “we, who want to enthrone basic freedom, democracy and decent  lives for our people, must fight for power by all democratic means.  We cannot sit  and hope that power will be dropped on our laps.

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“Power, like I always say, is never served a la carte. You go into the kitchen  yourself, feel the heat and fumes in your face, as you struggle for it.”

The former governor stated that when power “finally is ours, we have a duty to God  and to the people not to use it in the way that our oppressors did.

“We owe it also to ourselves as decent human beings entrusted with the sovereign  will of the people to ensure that the authority of government is used to enhance the  lives of the people, to guarantee liberty and provide jobs and access to justice.”

He explained that the OPD was set up in 1999 to provide free legal services to the  less privileged in the society who could not afford the cost of justice.

“The OPD was our way of saying to the poor—your defence against criminal  prosecution or your civil claims, if you cannot afford to get a lawyer—is also the  business of a democratic government.

“We were saying to the people—justice will not elude you simply because you are  poor.  This remains our commitment as a party and the commitment of the Lagos State  Government and the Ministry of Justice has continued to uphold this with  dedication,” he stated.

Tinubu noted that thousands of people from all ethnic groups have  benefitted from  the OPD over the years, saying that this was how it should be because governments  must show tangible and real benefits to the people for entrusting the responsibility  of leadership to them.

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