6,400 Matriculate In UNILAG


What would you do if you were among 6,400 students that were matriculated recently  at the prestigious University of Lagos out of 62,276 candidates that applied for  admission and the 45,369 that eventually sat for the post UTME?  Scream, jump, dance  or cry?

Well, that’s exactly what some students are still doing. It was a week-long  orientation programme for the newly admitted students of the schoool, which started  Monday, 22 to Friday, 26 November, 2010.

At the opening the ceremony of the 2010/2011 orientation programme for freshers, the  Vice Chancellor of the institution, Prof. Adetokunbo B. Sofoluwe, welcomed the new  comers to the university.

He congratulated the ‘chosen few’ who constituted part of the 10 per cent of the  applicants registered as worthy Akokites, admonishing them that the journey  of  three, four, five or six sessions, (depending on the course of study) requires  determination, diligence, dedication and focus.

“You must have a vision, a dream. I envisage that your goal should be to acquire  academic excellence with good character within the set time. When you exhibit this  behaviour, surely you will excel, win accolades and graduate in flying colours,” he  told the excited students.

In a fatherly tone, he admonished the jambites to shun all vices such as internet  fraud, violence, drug abuse, examination malpractice, cultism, etc. as any form of  misconduct or poor performance can abruptly terminate their studies because the  university pays premium attention to safety as well as security and has zero  tolerance for crimes and criminals

He enthused that his administration, through team work, will ensure that UNILAG  remains not just a centre of excellence but ranked among the first one hundred  universities in the world.

This was greeted with shouts and applause from the freshers who could not conceal  their excitement.

Prof. Sofoluwe encouraged the jambites to avail themselves of the  school’s  facilities such as the medical centre, the counseling centre, sport centre,  libraries, internet connectivity, and the Centre for Information Technology (CITS),  where students are encouraged to acquire their personal lap-tops by cash or pay in  instalments.

He also noted that students should not hesitate to report personal challenges and  all forms of harassment.

Finally, he listed out incentives and motivational packages the university offers  students on a cumulative grade point – average (CGPA) of 4.50 and above. These  include:

•An annual endowment scholarship of N50,000
•Provision of accommodation in choice halls
•Fifty per cent discount on bed space.
•Nomination for participation in seminars  and conferences nationally and  internationally
•Nomination for scholarship from external bodies on request by organisations
•Selection as guest speaker at orientation programme to motivate fresh students.

After the vice chancellor’speech, Generational Rescue had a chat with some of the  jambites, who expressed joy over their new achievement.

Akangbe Olaolu Olumuyiwa, who is studying Creative Arts, was one of them. “I am very  glad because it is a privilege to work hard and get the right result. It has been so  interesting, but also stressful. You know we have to go up and down to collect and  submit files. But the fact that you are doing it with new friends makes it  interesting.

“This is a new experience. Unlike in the secondary school, when we copy notes and  teachers take time to explain topics to us, here lecturers will just come around and  start talking. If you don’t write fast, you will be surprised when he says the  lecture is over,” she said.

“No, I have no disappointment but  the authorities should please make the  registration process easier. I remember I got sick because of the stress.”

Another student, Amarachi from Department of Geology, also expressed delight to be  among the ‘chosen few’.

“I m very happy and grateful to God who made it possible for me to be on the merit  list. I intend to spend the next five years very well by being hard working and  dedicated to my studies. I will also be very prayerful because I intend to get a GPA  of 4.5 by the special grace of God,” he said.

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