Alimosho Drags Tenants To Court


A case between the owner and tenants of 5, Lamino Street, Egbe, and the Alimosho Local Government health officials had been brought before the Igando-Ikotun Grade ‘B’ customary Court.

The tenants of the house were dragged to the court by  Alimosho Local Government health officials

Fifteen occupiers of the house were present before the court with Mr. Ikechukwu Emen appearing for the first time out of the third time the case was brought before the court.

The prosecutor, Mrs. Absalam L. A. visited the premises on Wednesday, 24  November, 2010 and found out there were structural nuisances to be attended to by the landlord who was represented by the landlady.

The structural nuisances include a collapsed pit toilet, a dilapidated boundary wall which is dangerous to  both the occupiers and passers-by, as well as an ever filled septic tank.

She also said it was the responsibility of the tenants to dislodge the septic tank and asked the court to give them  24 hours to do so.

Barrister Oluwole Dike, the counsel to seven of the 15 tenants pleaded for the deadline to be extended  for more than 24 hours so as to enable them come together to dislodge the septic tank.

Dike  accused the landlord of polarising the tenants thereby making it impossible for them  to act as one unit.

The landlord of the house was accused of not doing his duties as the landlord by the tenants. He was supposed to repair the house and provide a sanitary bin with cover.

The  tenants also claimed that he lives with them but decided to send his wife that does not live with them but comes to the residence once in a week to represent him.

Also, the landlady asked for more time so as to be able to repair the house and put everything in order.

The request of the prosecutor for the premises to be visited on 7 December, 2010 was granted. The occupiers of the house were given 24 hours to dislodge the septic tank so as to prevent the outbreak of cholera.

Mr. Ikechukwu was found guilty of contempt of court and he was fined. The case was adjourned till December 14, 2010.

—Kemi Aroyehun

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