Perm Secs Go To School


Determined to ensure accountability in governance, the Lagos State government has  sent its Permanent Secretaries back to school to learn the procedures of efficient  service delivery.

The one-day retreat was organised by the Office of Transformation, Lagos State  Governor’s Office with the theme: State Partnership for Accountability,  Responsiveness and Capability.

The state government collaborated with the United Kingdom government to train the  permanent secretaries on accountability and transparency.

The Director-General, Office of Transformation, Lagos State Governor’s Office, Mr.  Toba Otusanya, said the initiative was created to enhance government’s capacity in  the area of reform and effective policy formulation.

“The transformation Office has found it necessary now to train senior staff in the  cadres of directors and permanent secretaries to enable them understand the new  strategies being put in place to transform the state,” he said.

According to him, the training would enable the permanent secretaries to effectively  fit into development of responsive policies and strategies for present and future  economic growth.

“It emphasises how to manage public finances well by introducing to the service more  effective workforce,” he added.

He urged the permanent secretaries to be drivers of change and champions of good  governance in their respective ministries in order to aid the transformation process  in the state.

The DG advocated the acceptance of the trends in public sector reform and the  importance of embracing human resources which has a strategic pro-active approach to  management of people with greater autonomy over the usual personnel management which  “is just a series of reactive administrative tasks that enables the basic day-to-day  employment contract to be fulfilled.”

Head of Service, Adesegun Ogunlewe said that the permanent secretaries and directors  would be ready to face any challenge the transformation might bring, describing the  training as a good initiative, which would not only help the state civil service but  every staff that had the opportunity to undergo the programme.

“We are prepared to give our best for the transformation. We are not afraid because  we work like a team in Lagos. The permanent secretary will work with his directors  as a team to succeed in the new task at hand,” he said.

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