CPC Charges Nigerians On Protection Of Consumer Rights


The Consumer Protection Council (CPC) has charged Nigerian consumers to fight for  the protection of their rights at all times.

Mr Abiodun Ogunmuyiwa, Deputy Public Relations Officer, CPC, gave the charge in  Lagos while speaking at a Consumer Forum organised by Consumer Advocacy Forum of  Nigeria (COFON).

Ogunmuyiwa who was speaking on the topic, Consumer Issues in Transport System said  the safety of consumers was paramount and that they must strive to enforce it  individually and as groups.

He said: “In a situation where a vehicle is overloaded with passengers, it is the  duty of the passengers to resist such things by cautioning the driver. They should  also ensure to correct the driver when he is not driving properly because it is  their right to do so.”

Ogunmuyiwa also called for a closer working relationship among agencies entrusted  with the enforcement and protection of consumer rights in the transportation sector.

He said consumers should always forward their complaints to the CPC stressing that  the organisation was irrevocably committed to making Nigerians enjoy the quality of  goods and services paid for.

Speaking similarly, Dr. Desmond Aimiegbebhio, Deputy Director, Public Transport,  LAMATA, said consumers in the transport sector have limited options which makes them  unable to protect their rights.

Aimiegbebhio said, “there is problem with urban transportation, not only in Lagos  but in other African countries.

“For instance when it rains, transport operators increase their fares but because  the commuters have no other option of going home, they have to pay more for such  services.

“What we find is that there has been no increase in quality of service but only an  increase in amount paid for a service,” he added

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