Legislator Kicks Against Cost Of Sim Card Registration


A member of the House of Representatives representing Surulere Constituency in Lagos State, Femi Gbaja Biamila, has said that he is not in support of the controversial N6.1 billion earmarked for registration of sim cards as passed in the National Assembly through the Nigeria Communication Commission for service providers.

Speaking yesterday at the Murtala Muhammed Airport, Lagos, he said it was a big problem for him, since the case is one that has to be resolved by the court.

His words; “I totally disagree with it, it doesn’t make any common or economic sense to me that we will be dipping our hands into the coffers of government to fund private companies for the registration of sim cards especially when it is not done in other part of the world.

“You know I have always frowned at a situation where anything goes in Nigeria. What doesn’t obtain in other countries obtain in Nigeria, it is almost analogous to this issue of Nigerian being a dumping site for toxic waste, so we will look into it.”

He noted that the 25 per cent overhead issue in the country should be investigated in totality.

“My position is very simple, when you look at the overall budget of the country you do not isolate the three arms of government, you don’t isolate one arm it is 25 billion or 10 billion or even 50 billion and say they consume so much percentage of the over all 100 per cent budget.

The National Assembly consumes the least of the three arm of government would it be fair then to say they are the ones accusing of wastage?  I think everything should be looked out in totality to all the arms of government not just the National Assembly.

I think when it was said you have to look at the context in which it was said. I think Sanusi never expected that it would generate a lot of controversy,” Bramiru added.

—Amoran Busayomi

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