Fake Airforce Man Nabbed


A 22-year old man, Kelechi Obi Nnadosie, who has been parading himself as an  Airforce officer, has been arrested.

Nnadosie was arrested at Oniru area of Victoria Island, Lagos, southwest Nigeria  yesterday, by a member of the community vigilance group before he was handed over to  an Airforce officer from the provost section. He claimed to be Nzekwe Jude, the tag  name on the uniform when he was arrested.

Nnadosie told P.M.NEWS that he was enlisted in the Airforce in 2005 but left the  force for no reason in 2008.

He added that he started wearing the uniform since the beginning of this year, but  not with fraudulent intent.

According to him, “I joined the Airforce on 2005 and left voluntarily in 2008. I am  now in paramilitary, Nigeria Man ‘O’ War,

“I started wearing the uniform early this year but I don’t use it to do bad things.”

When he was asked on how he got the uniform and why he was still wearing the uniform  after he had left the force, he said: “When I was handing over the properties of the  force that were with me, I did not submit the uniform.  It was a mistake to have  done what I did.”

Kelechi was later whisked away to the NAF base Legico, Victoria Island, Lagos, for  further interrogation.

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