Group Condemns PAN Over Mass Workers Sack


The Campaign for Democratic and Workers’ Rights, CDWR, has condemned in strong terms  the sacking of 226 workers over their agitation for unionisation and payment of  their yearly bonuses by the management of Peugeot Automobile Nigeria, PAN.

CDWR disclosed in a press statement signed by the National Secretary, Mr.Victor  Osakwe,  that the management of PAN had sacked all 226 workers of the industrial  Division on Monday,  29 November, this year for attempting to inaugurate a trade  union. CDWR recalled that the management of PAN, under the leadership of Alhaji Sani  Dauda, five years ago had unlawfully sacked all the union executives which was what  gave birth to the consistent and arbitrarily sack of workers among other  anti-workers activities.

“The management of PAN had violated Nigeria’s constitution by depriving workers of  their right. Workers have the right to express themselves freely, assemble and  associate freely as guaranteed in section 39 and 40 of the 1999 constitution  respectively,”  CDWR stated.

The group, therefore ,urge the management of PAN to immediately recall all 226  sacked workers without any loss of pay and allowances including their annual  bonuses.

CDWR also declared its support for the workers in other departments for embarking on  a solidarity strike action with the victimised workers.

“We encourage the workers to sustain this solidarity strike as a means to force the  management to reverse its actions and we are also calling on the Kaduna State  leadership of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) and the Trade Union Congress (TUC) to  intervene on behalf of the victimised workers.” CDWR said.

—Adeyera Olubunmi

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