Oyinlola’s Thanksgiving Service Revisited


On Sunday December 5 2010, eminent PDP members from South West and other parts of  Nigeria including former President Obasanjo, Governor Alao Akala of Oyo State,  Governor Gbenga Daniel of Ogun State, and friends of Oyinlola gathered at St  Michael’s Anglican Church Okuku Osun State to felicitate with Mr Olagunsoye Oyinlola  after being disgraced out of office for stealing Governor Rauf Aregbesola’s mandate  for almost four years.

I understand it was a special thanksgiving service for the disgraced ‘Governor’  after almost eight years in office. I have no problem with that. Oyinlola is free to  celebrate his life, and his loot after all this is Nigeria . This is Nigeria where  offenders are celebrated and the innocent put in jail. This is a country where  criminals, looters and murderers wear coveted gold medals and sit among decent men  and women. This is a country where the country’s 20th eleven sit in exalted offices  and decide what happens to the rejected and dejected first eleven. This is a country  where the blind does the work of those with eyes. This is country where monumental  electoral fraud has been established in Anambra, Rivers, Edo , Ondo, Ekiti, Osun,  Delta, Cross River States and others and yet we have not been able to arrest and  prosecute one electoral officer for fraud since 1999. I can go on and on.

Again, Oyinlola is free to thank God for stealing votes, maiming and killing people  of Osun State for four years with impunity but my grouse is the Sermon that was  preached during the service. Who preached the Sermon at the thanksgiving service?  What was the message? What is the name of the Vicar of St Michael’s Anglican Church  Okuku? Did he know the circumstances that led to Oyinlola’s removal? If he knows  what did he say? It is important that we know what the preacher said just for the  record purposes.

There are thousands and thousands of Churches and Mosques in Nigeria and yet this  nation is going down. They preach to us every Sunday and every Friday and yet this  nation is still moving round and round like the Barber’s chair without motion.  Something must be wrong somewhere. Under our very eyes we see the so-called men of  God winning and dinning with people who are our problem in Nigeria . They see  nothing and hear nothing. Everything is business. It is cash and carry, it is pay  me, and I pray for you, and it is money for hand and prayers for you no matter who  you are. When religious leaders and men of conscience compromise in any nation, that  nation is finished.

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Our political office holders who are betraying and destroying Nigeria are not alone.  They have their cronies in the Churches, Mosques, Academia, traditional  institutions, public and private sectors, etc. We must work hard to identify these  traitors and deal with them accordingly. Let us investigate to find out what the  preacher said at Oyinlola’s thanksgiving and move on from there.

•Joe Igbokwe, publicity secretary ACN writes from Lagos

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