Corruption, Bane Of Society


Professor of Sociology and Head of the Department of Sociology, University of Lagos,  Professor Adebayo Ninalowo, has described corruption as the bane of the Nigerian and  African society.

He made this known at the University of Lagos while delivering inaugural lecture  series organised recently at the main auditorium of the institution.

According to him, corruption is ravaging the African continent of essential values  that are capable of boosting development.

In his inaugural lecture titled: The State Qua State as antidote to failure: A  Sociological Inquiry into Underdevelopment, he said it is a common place that the  health sector is in shambles and effective.

Prof. Ninalowo added that there are pathetic enduring lamentations over poor  teaching and research facilities, poor working conditions for teachers.

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Highlighting other evident result of government neglect, he said the police are not  only ill-equipped, but that the officers generally suffer from low levels of  motivation due to poor incentives.

He, however, suggested that government should initiate stiff anti-corruption  legislation with a view to discourage many from corruption, and that transparency  and accountability should guide the activities of state functionaries.

Prof. Ninalowo urged all politicians and government to forestall authoritarian  tendencies with a view to limit abuse in approbation and power.

—Ayodeji Adesina

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