Mushin Gang War: Akala Residents Speak Out


Residents of Akala area in Mushin, where a battle for supremacy has been going on  between rival cult groups, have said that the incident that led to the killing of 9  year old primary school pupil, Aminat Oladepo did not take place in Akala.

According to the residents who pleaded that their names should not be mentioned for  fear of reprisal attack, the incident in question took place along the railway line  in the Fadeyi axis where cult members were engaged in a gun battle.

They said it was important for them to correct the impression that Akala area was  still notorious, as the residents have now joined others in the neighbourhood to  form an alliance to keep the cultists out of their area.

One of the residents said: “That incident never took place in here in Akala. They  are just trying to give us a bad name so that they can come back to victimize and  intimidate people who live in this area.”

“We have started mobilizing to protect ourselves from these cult boys. We are the  ones that suffer when they fight, so we are taking our fate into our hands by saying  no to their constant harassment, intimidation and killing.” Another said.

The residents appealed to the state government to once and for all find a lasting  solution to the Mushin gang war as innocent people in the area live in fear.

—Henry Ojelu

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