Group Flays Police Over Extortion


A human rights group, One Nigeria Human Rights Movement, ONHRM, has demanded the  immediate release of those unjustly detained by the police in Orile- Iganmu, Lagos  State, for not succumbing to extortion.

ONHRM disclosed that these individuals were not detained for a breach of the law but  for not succumbing to extortion.

The group explained that the reason behind the constant extortion and detention by  the police is because most Nigerians do not know their rights and the laws  protecting them in the Nigerian constitution.

The ONHRM’s Lagos State Chairman, Comrade Ajayi Williams, said, “Nigerians should  understand that their right is their power and we have come to tell Nigerians that  its time we say no to the Police and their illegal detention.”

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ONHRM declared that the group will also be taking the movement to the children by  educating them on their rights. “We intend to extend this movement to the kids so  that they will be able to defend their rights wherever they may find themselves and  also use the knowledge of their rights as a tool against any form of oppression.”  Williams added.

—Adeyera Olubunmi

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