LASUTH Boss Blames Nigerians For Woes Of Handicaps


Nigerians from all walks of life have been blamed for the problems facing  those  living with challenges.

Dr. Femi Olugbile, the Chief Medical Director, Lagos State University Teaching  Hospital, (LASUTH), made this statement recently at a press conference to  commemorate this year’s United Nations Day for the persons with disabilities.

Olugbile blamed Nigerians for their inability to provide a conducive environment  such as education,  recreational facilities and legislation to protect the rights of  the disabled.

He called on all Nigerians to contribute  their quota to alleviate the problems  facing persons with difficulties and challenges.

“Education is a very major problem facing persons with difficulties and challenges  .On the area of legislation, of course, we do not have effective legislation to  protect rights of the disabled and to advance their interest.

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“We are talking about the elevating the status of the physically and mentally  challenged in our society and help to develop  infrastructure, providing them with  meaningful assistance in a token. Philanthropy is an actual necessity to fufill the  promise to make Nigeria a better place to live for them,” the doctor stated.

Mr. Abdul Yusuf Rufai, initiator of Nigerian Professionals With Disabilities and  Challenges, said it is  mind boggling that in this 21 century, building and  structures are still being erected without consideration for persons with  disabilities.

Rufai also called on Nigerians to change their mind-set and behaviour towards  persons with disabilities and difficulties.

While urging all tiers of government in the country to commence implementation of  the United Nations best practices and behavour towards persons with disability, with  special needs, with challenges. These, he said, include acknowledging their  existence, engaging them on equal terms protecting and enforcing their rights as  well as integrating them fully and reward them accordingly.

—Paul Sanusi

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