Standard Excites Organisers


Organizers of the Lagos Junior League have expressed satisfaction over the level of  officiating, organisation and the standard of play of the tournament at all the  centres.

Speaking with P.M.Sports, Executive Secretary of the Lagos Junior League, Barister  Taofeek Aromire, is impressed with the quality displayed by the teams in the  competition. He said all the teams have given good account of themselves in their  matches.

“I am delighted that the Lagos Junior League has produced great players and a lot of  excitements.

We have selected some players for the future, and we have started monitoring their  progress through their respective councils,” he said.

He said the championship is becoming exciting as many goals were scored from set  pieces, thereby attracting more spectators at match venues.

He disclosed that the transfer of players, which commenced when the window opened on  1 December, would still be on till early next year.

Meanwhile, the teams involved in forgery of player licenses have been told that they  will forfeit the three points, if they win the match, while three points and three  goals will be awarded to the opposing team.

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