Lagos Auto Auction Holds


Sometimes, owning a personal car or automobile can be expensive and tasking, but  Lagos Auto Auction has presented a platform for sellers and buyers.

Like most auto auction fairs, this one promises to be fulfulling and interesting as  most automobiles would be sold and purchased at a knocked down price.

Abdul Hakeem Mustapha, Chairman of Lagos Auto Auction, believes this is the best and  preferred options for people who are willing to buy automobiles in Nigeria.

According to him, the auto fair is popular in other parts of the world and this has  made automobiles a  necessity rather than luxury.

“The first Nigerian car auction will provide a medium where you can purchase cars  and all types of vehicles at bargain prices and control how much you pay. You will  see desperate sellers and organisations who want to sell at very cheap prices,” he  said.

The fair will bring buyers in contact with sellers and people can also search for  cars they intend to buy as well as search for automobile parts, certified auto  mechanics, dealer ratings and apply for auto loan and insurance.

The fair, which is scheduled to hold on 18 December at the Lagos Airport Hotel, is  opened to all interest sellers and buyers as well as everyone who deals in  automobiles.

The auction will also be an hassle-free medium for automobile experts.

Mustapha told P.M. NEWS that individuals and companies will enjoy first grade cars  that are not stolen or smuggled into the country, while proper scrutiny of sellers  have already been done and sellers who intend to sell their products must have to  register with the organisers via

He described the fair as the ultimate automotive market place in Nigeria that will  enable more competition with the industry and encourage small dealers of automobiles  the opportunity to advertise and sell.

—Yemi Adebisi

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