Lawyer Writes IG Over Threat To Life


A human rights activist and lawyer, Allen Agbaka, has petitioned the Inspector  General of Police over threat to his life and stealing of his property worth  thousands of naira by his former school mate, Paul Sualeze Eluaka.

In the said petition, Agbaka alleged that Paul Sualeze Eluaka, who was his classmate  at Asaba Technical College, Asaba, Delta State in the 1980s, did not see each other  until 1998 during his mandatory one year National Youth Service at Gani Fawehinmi’s  Chambers, when Eluaka told him he was a law graduate having studied law in Bombay,  India, but yet to attend the Law School owing to the fact that he was pursuing an  offshore post graduate course in France.

Subsequently, he had to assist his former classmate in preparation of legal  documents of sale of land, appearance for him for a bail application at Muslim  Magistrate Court, where he was standing trial on a case of assault and malicious  damage of property.

However, sometimes in August this year, Agbaka alleged further that the said Paul  Sualeze Eluaka called him with several Nigerian cell phone numbers that he was  stranded in Nigeria and had no funds to pay for hotel accommodation in Nigeria. He  acceded to his request and asked him to lodge in his house since he was away for a  case outside Lagos.

When he returned to Lagos, Agbaka said his former classmate requested to continue to  stay with him for about one week to enable him attend legal seminars at the French  Embassy in Lagos and Abuja respectively.

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Agbaka alleged further that when he travelled again for a case outside Lagos and  later returned to Lagos, he was shocked to discover that Paul Sualeze Eluaka had  stolen some valuables including shoes, shirts, books and a designer wrist watch,  among others.

After the discovery, he said he made several phone calls to his friend who, instead,  was threatening his life and since then, he has been accosted by different strange  looking men, who warned him not to pursue the matter.

He was also surprised to have discovered the following items in the room Eluaka was  staying; a Nigerian passport with the name Kodjoh Arman bearing a Republic of  Indonesia visa and a Nigerian driving licence with the name Chief Paul Sualeze  Eluaka. He also said he later discovered that Eluaka is not a lawyer, but a mere  secondary school certificate holder.

In view of this, Barrister Allen Agbaka urged the Inspector General of Police to use  his good offices to investigate the matter.

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