‘African Traditional Religion Teaches Discipline’


The president of Orisatuniwaji Cultural Centre, Lagos, Chief Lasisi Oladepo Adegboyega Lateef, has said that one of the objectives of the association is to enforce reasonable discipline within the rank and file of members and non-members alike.

Speakinga to P.M. NEWS in an interview, Lateef, who is also Ajaguna and prominent member of Association of African Traditional Religion, Nigeria (AATREN), Lagos State branch, stated that it was also formed to check and control all forms of irresponsible acts by members and even non-members.

He added that the association was also aimed at promoting spirit of friendship, mutual trust and cooperation among traditional religion practitioners all over the world.

According to the traditionalist who is also known as Agbeloba, the association was not only out to protect the existence of African traditional religion, rather, he emphasised that it is always willing and ready to cooperate with anyone, social or religious associations throughout Nigeria and overseas in order to carry out researches into religious beliefs and cultural life of Africans.

Chief Adegboyefa Lateef said, like other religious bodies in Nigeria such as Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) and the Supreme Council for Islamic Affairs (SCIA), Orisatuniwaji draws its executive members from specific groups within the organisation, adding that it was all out “to promote the cultural heritage of our ancestors.”

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