Aspirant Promises To Kick Out PDP In Ogun


A chairmanship aspirant in Ifo Local Government, Alhaji Sikiru Adekunle Mustapha,  has said that politics is not for mediocre but highly intellectual individuals who  know the needs of their people and is ready to provide such.

Speaking with Political Platform recently, Alhaji Mustapha said the present chairman  of the local government has done little or nothing to positively affect the lives of  the people since the inception of his administration.

“The chairmanship position of this local government is not for mediocre. To the best  of my knowledge, this community has never had it so bad. Since the inception of the  present administration in this local government, the council has continued to lack  everything, be it education, road and healthcare among others.

“Imagine somebody who cannot control a single classroom wanting to control a whole  local government. As big as this local government is, we don’t have markets, no good  roads, no infrastructure for education, no general hospital and what have you.

“If you look very well, you will find out that the people are selling by the road  side which is very dangerous. There is no general hospital. Imagine if there is an  emergency, what do you think will happen to the person involved? As a grassroots  politicians and a man of the people these are some of the anomalies that I am coming  to correct,” he said.

He added that the government has failed the people in so many areas, especially in  the provision of basic infrastructure, hence the need for a change of baton in Ogun  State as a whole.

“We are very ready to wrestle power from the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, come  2011. The PDP wrestled power from the AD in 2003 and the people are clamouring for a  change again. They have tasted the PDP and know what it tastes like, and now they  want ACN and by the special grace of God, the ACN is taking over the mantle of  leadership in 2011.

“It is the change that the people want and that is what they will get. They have  suffered so much under the PDP. There is no health centre, the road is so bad that  there is 24 hours traffic everyday and there is no school for our children to go.  Therefore, change is inevitable,” he said.

Speaking on his chances of picking the party’s ticket, he said: “I have been in this  local government for a very long time. My people know me and I know them and what  they want, and I know I have what it takes to clinch the party’s ticket.

“When it comes to elective matters, the people know whom they want to represent  them. I have the name because most of my businesses are in this town. Presently, I  have over 1,000 indigenes of this community working for me, which is equally a plus  for me as a politician.

“I am an administrator, a politician and a grassroots person. I am also a  philanthropist.

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