'Campaign Of Calumny Can't Stop My Ambition'


Hon. Taofeek Abiodun Adaranijo has laughed-off the certificate forgery allegation  levelled against him, saying that a million of such blackmails will not make him  dump his ambition of representing Agege Federal Constituency at the National  Assembly in 2011.

Speaking with Political Platform, the Orile-Agege council boss said that his  political ambition is still very much intact, adding that his rivals are only afraid  of his popularity in the council area.

He said there was no iota of truth in the allegations describing them as false,  unfounded and baseless from an equally faceless organisation that is not registered  anywhere.

When asked whether he was truly invited by the police over the allegations, he  admitted being invited by the police for investigation but he was given a clean bill  of health.

To buttress his defence, he presented a copy of the outcome of the police  investigation signed by a Chief Superintendent of Police, CSP, Richard Ejeh, of the  Security/Criminal Intel Bureau, Ikeja, Lagos in which he was purportedly cleared.

On the issue of misappropriation of public funds, the council boss said all  contracts were executed and challenged the petitioners to get their records right  before going to the press.

“I don’t know what they mean by misappropriation of public funds. We gave out  contracts and the jobs were done. They can easily confirm this in the Governor’s  Office at Alausa.

“This is mad period of political campaigns, so people can just concoct issues and  accuse you so as to pull you down. Therefore, all these unfounded accusations are  expected at a period like this, and that will not move me an inch from achieving my  political objectives,” he said.

He said he was motivated by entreaties on him to contest, adding that he was  convinced about the sincerity and passion of the overwhelming majority of the  people.

“The past few years have afforded me the opportunity to restore the hope of my  people. I cannot at this moment of our development decline to continue to guide into  maturity the constituency which we have worked hard to build.

“Anything short of acceding to the call of the people will be placing myself on the  wrong side of history. To do otherwise will be to abandon my life long commitment to  the provision of selfless service to the people of Agege Federal Constituency,” he  said.

He added: “In fact, I want to appreciate those fighting for primaries. I believe so  much in it. I am a democrat. People should be able to exercise their democratic  rights by voting for candidates of their choice who they believe will represent them  properly.”

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