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We are blessed, so blessed to be among those privileged to see the end of 2010. All  over the world people are dying every second, but I pray you march victoriously into  2011; you and your household.
It has been a good year; full of victories and challenges, however in the midst of  all the wonderful testimonies, there are numerous episodes of regrets. You entered  2010 with a truck load of expectations; you had great plans for the things you  wanted to achieve in 2010. In your quiet moment, you wrote out your New Year  resolutions.  Did you realise your goals? Did you live up to your resolutions?
Just like you do in business, I want you to take stock of your life in 2010. I want  you to bring out your list of resolutions for 2010 and go through it again. How many  of your resolutions came to manifestation? I want to be a facilitator to help you  with stock-taking as we consider  some of the areas in your life which, I am sure,  you may have wanted to see changes in.

This is the most important aspect of our lives, but unfortunately it is often the  most ignored. What was it like walking with your creator this year? How much of your  time did you dedicate to His service? Are you one of those men who feel there is no  point giving your time to God? I want to tell you what a friend said today during  our discussion; Life is good with God at the centre. The earlier you recognise God  as the “Indispensable” ingredient in your life, the better your life will be in  2011.
Oga Pastor, how many homes did you break this year with your false prophesies and  visionless visions? “Woe to him who says thus says the Lord when He has not spoken?”  The members of your congregation spent 2010 putting stickers of different kinds on  their vehicles because they believed their pastors received a message from God.   Dear pastors, did you really hear from God this year?
If you are one of those pastors who no longer preach the gospel of salvation, but  that of politics and prosperity, get ready because more of you will be exposed come  2011. I can only advise you to quit your evil ways now. If you don’t have any other  job, go back to your village or better still, make use of the little you have  fraudulently obtained
Some of these pastors use information they have received about you as the content of  their fake prophecies.  After all the vigils, family liberation and cleansing, what  has happened to your life? They have suddenly brought enmity between you and your  brothers through their antics. Did you allow these so called pastors to use you and  extort money from you only to enrich themselves? Make up your mind to have a  personal relationship with God in 2011.

What was your family life like this 2010? Can your wife stand boldly to say you did  wonderfully well? Were you the supportive husband who stood by your wife and  encouraged her this year? Because of the floods of text messages I receive from my  fellow women, I can confidently say that a good number of Nigerian men are yet to be  the supportive husband.  Are you one of such men whose wives and entire household  run for cover each time they hear the sound of their vehicle entering the compound?
What about your children? Are you that daddy who is too busy to give his children  some time? Did you spend time in 2010 building castles and mansions for your  generations unborn that you totally ignored your responsibilities to the ones  living? Pastors and religious leaders, did you move from one country to the other  winning souls and affecting other people’s children while your own children receive  no spiritual impartation from you? Oga politician, what percentage of your time did  you spend with your children? Remember the words of ex American president Jimmy  Carter: “Build your cathedral, but if you fail to build your children, they will  tear down the cathedral.” If you are guilty of any of these things, you failed as a  father in 2010.

Are you an employer of labour? You have been reading my articles and maybe you read  the ones on the employer’s relationship with his employees. How did you treat your  employees this year, 2010? Did you make them feel used and uncared for?
You the employee, how committed were you to your job in 2010? How many times did you  find yourself grumbling against your boss? I want to tell you that the worst you can  do is go ahead with your side talks against him. Backbiters are always behind while  those they backbite move on.  “To thyself be true.” How many times did you lie about  your absence at work? How many days were you late to work and hurriedly left early.  My Bible says: “Have you seen a man diligent in his work, he will sit with kings…”   How many tasks were you able to complete this year? Are you one of those people who  did everything possible to frustrate or undermine the immediate boss in order to  take his position?  Remember we are only taking stock…

How many times did you find yourself sitting in a beer parlour this year? What kind  of life did you live this 2010? Were you all over the place partying with girls your  aides arrange for you? Remember, your daughter will one day grow up to become a  woman and somebody else will do that to her. Did you find yourself in 2010 not  minding your own business? How many people did you help in 2010? How many faces  smiled and are still going to smile because of you? If your resolution in 2010 was  to quit smoking or drinking, did you fulfil your resolution?
Think deeply about this article as you end 2010 and before you come up with another  wonderful resolution for 2011. This is my last article for the year 2010. I trust  God for the grace to move into 2011 with great blessing for all. Thank you for being  a part of me in 2010.
In your celebration, please don’t forget the story of the Rich Fool who believed he  made it by his own strength. Show appreciation to God through your giving to God and  a life of thanksgiving.
Merry Christmas. See you in 2011.

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